Fresh T-shirts for Data Scientists and Those Who Love Them

I made these shirts in grad school for my fellow students in the analytics track. After presenting some options, the professor and class cheered, “Make them all!”

My favorite to design was the DATA TADA shirt because it represents the magic data scientists tend to do on a daily basis. But for pure pop culture reference mixed with nerdery, I definitely love 2 Logit 2 Quit.

No worries if these don’t make sense to you. Unless you’re a 35+ year-old data scientist, in which case I will personally cut a corner of your data chit.

Datadatadatadata… tada!
Early 2000s meme + R Studio logo = extremely niche shirt
2 Logit 2 Quit. Hint: It’s not a typo.
Yes, that binary is actually a secret message. And the Y is highlighted to represent the university, BYU.