Guerrilla Gallery: “Hiding”

Guerrilla Gallery: “Hiding” was a hit-and-run art gallery in Los Angeles. We showed work from 17 local artists, including photography, illustration, comic book, traditional painting, cereal box packaging, nail polish painting, fashion design, digital interactive, textile, installation, live dance performance art, and more. The tunnel is normally used by elementary school children to cross a five-lane street safely.

The event was packed all night, including passersby using the tunnel. Thanks to everyone who came to the show!

Original flier
Original flier

Curated and produced by Kenny McNett and Danielle Boinay

Map to the tunnel in Los Angeles

Music for this video is “Soy Sauce Sailor” by Eyes Lips Eyes. Used by permission.

Raw video courtesy of Matt Stumphy, edited by Kenny McNett.