Why I’m a Marketer

linkedin-profileI think often of a chess match from twenty years ago. During my turns, my opponent stared at me with wide, unblinking eyes trying to intimidate me.

I lost. 

What vexes me is that I knew exactly what he was doing. Mister wide eyes (I hope he works in optometry…or mall security) taught me an important lesson that day: the board is not the whole game.

Which is why I’m a marketer.

I fell in love with the meta game. Every breath a brand takes, every perfect pitch from a sales rep, and every email signature some well-meaning employee writes in a weird font either adds to or detracts from the overall strategy. I’ve seen the same principle in making art, writing code, and doing comedy: either something is helping or it’s heckling. There is no middle ground.

My role is to collect, clarify, and communicate the parts of company strategy that exist on and off the board. When it all comes together, then the company grows, revenues rise, and the market stares at us with wide eyes.

Last summer, I interned at Amazon as a Sr. Product Manager. Now, I’m interviewing with companies for full-time employment beginning the summer of 2017. With 10+ years experience post-undergrad as a marketer, artist, web developer, and entrepreneur, I’m ready to contribute to a company that values innovation, customer centricity, and positive world impact.

Professional Timeline


MBA Graduation, April 2017

Pursuing a marketing role in a tech product or SaaS company. Recruiters please email me at contact@kennymcnett.com


Sr. Product Manager, Amazon

MBA internship at Amazon HQ in Seattle


Begin MBA, emphasis in Tech Marketing

BYU Marriott School of Management


Owner and Founder, Fitted Web Design

Providing practical web design and brand consulting for small businesses, start-ups, individuals and nonprofits


Sr. Graphic Designer, Los Angeles

DirecTV, Avery Dennison, Power Rangers, Smashbox Cosmetics. Production art for Wells Fargo, Ghirardelli, Kaiser Permanente, Body Glove, Clearwire


BS Advertising and Marketing Communications

Brigham Young University, Provo UT


Brazilian Community Missionary

2-year volunteer in central Brazil. Portuguese fluency, read and write.